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FAQs: Single Bar: Kellogg's Promotion

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What attractions are participating in this offer?

 Alton Towers Resort


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When do the attractions open in 2023?

For the most up-to-date information regarding attraction opening days/times please check the website of the attraction you wish to visit. For any other customer enquiries please check our online FAQs or email 

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How much are tickets?

Prices vary per attraction, click here and select the attraction.

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Are any dates excluded from this promotion?

Do you have a 2022 Voucher?

If you have a 2022 voucher/pack then the following exclusion dates apply:

2023 (All dates are inclusive)
Attraction Exclusion Dates
THORPE PARK Resort & Alton Towers Resort 25th December 2023
1st April - 16th April 2023
29th April - 1st May 2023
7th - 8th May 2023
27th May - 4th June 2023
12th Aug - 3rd Sept 2023
21st - 29th October 2023
THORPE PARK Resort ONLY 14th & 15th Oct 2023
Alton Towers Resort ONLY 3rd - 5th November 2023

Do you have a 2023 Voucher?

Aside from official attraction close dates (please see attraction websites for individual attraction close dates) there are no dates excluded from this promotion.

Merlin Entertainments however may limit offer ticket allocations, subject to a minimum number allocated to every day each attraction is open. The minimum allocation of tickets during OFF PEAK, SUPER OFF PEAK, SUPER PEAK and PEAK dates (*see table B in the terms and conditions for details of these dates) shall be as set out in table A below.

As these are minimum allocations, Merlin Entertainments may (at its sole discretion) from time to time make additional tickets available for particular attractions, so you may wish to check back later if your preferred attraction and date combination are not available when you first attempt to book

Table A – Minimum Allocations by Attraction

Super off peak
Attraction Minimum allocation
All participating attractions Unlimited availability
Off peak
Attraction Minimum allocation
All participating attractions Unlimited availability
Attraction Minimum allocation
Alton Towers Resort 590 tickets per day
Thorpe Park Resort 380 tickets per day
Super peak
Attraction Minimum allocation
Alton Towers Resort 220 tickets per day
Thorpe Park Resort 140 tickets per day
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What ages are tickets valid for?

Visitors under 12 years must be accompanied by a person aged 18 years or over at Thorpe Park Resort.

For the purpose of admissions an adult is classified as 12 years of age and over at the Alton Towers Resort.

Some attractions operate an individual ticket price which is the same for both adults and children for the purpose of admissions, this includes but is not limited to Thorpe Park Resort.

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